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Reservations recommended

Last seating - 9pm

To preserve your experience, we cannot accommodate reservations larger than 8 people on a normal basis. Please see our Private Events page for inquiries for larger groups.



(559) 209-0040

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Your moment, your cocktail

Taste is subjective. What you like and what we like may be two different things. What you're wanting tonight and what you’re desiring tomorrow may also be completely different. That's why Bespoke is about identifying what it is you're craving, this evening, this moment - by having a conversation with you. And the collection of these moments define your experience.

Each visit is another story, another memory; your story, your memory. It is driven by the people you came with, the crazy spirits of the world, always delivered with world-class hospitality. Whether you’re taking out a client, or it’s a special occasion like your birthday, anniversary, an intimate date night - we’re here for your night. 

Life's short. The people we choose to spend time with, the memories we make, the risks we take, these are elements that often reflect a rich and fulfilling life.  That's why we're here - in the ups, in the  downs, and in the in-between. We’ll have the selection to match. We look forward to seeing you. Salud!

- Team Bespoke

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